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I am new to game development but I heard, that already in the 80s with Prince of Persia, indie developers where capable to create textures from footage. I am developing a game and so far I get an illustrator to draw things I need.

I'd like to explore the opportunity of taking some video footage of complex movements and create some basic textures from it (as I guess Jordan Mechner did), so to then "feed" them to a more digital artist to draw "over" them in order to make them cartoonish and coherent with the style of the pre-existing in the game.

Anyone of you could also explore the answer for mobile game development? Any crazy mobile developer that did so already for a 2D game? :)

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I think my answer here could be useful for this too. Particularly the frame by frame sections. – Byte56 Jan 26 '13 at 2:06

The technique is called rotoscoping. It does lead to very fluid movement. Yes, you could use it for any game platform (in theory), but to get the full benefit of the style it's best used with a lot of frames.

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