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I have seen the PCG wiki, and it is a great resource. But a lot of the articles are very brief and it is hard to find good links on specific things.

I have been searching for ways to transform my Perlin noise height maps to make ridges, rivers, and other terrain features. I also can't find any articles on how to divide up the map into different areas for calculating texture coordinates or other values specific to the game. I have only been able to find websites detailing their software that can generate the different things, but no code or explanations. Are there any good sources of code examples/explanations on how to do the above mentioned with Perlin noise?

PS. This should probably be a community wiki. I don't know how to make it as one though.

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Most pages claiming to cover perlin noise actually cover something else. If you want the real deal, read Improved Noise reference implementation by Ken Perlin himself. There you will also find a link to the SIGGRAPH 2002 paper describing the algorithm in detail.

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