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I'm doing a game in which i have a ball which is controlled by the keyboard and the goal is to get is out of a maze without touching the walls.

I've added my ball sprite to GroupSprite

vehicle = pygame.sprite.GroupSingle(Vehicle(70,470))

since at the time, i thought that was the right way of doing it. However, i found that all the interaction always goes with the sprite directlly not with the GroupSingle. So I end with constantly accessing the sprite throug the GroupSingle.sprite:


Is there a reason why i shouldn't just remove 'GroupSingle' and define:

vehicle = Vehicle(70,470)
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No. If you don't use any features of the Group, you can just stop using it.

However, nothing is stoping you from storing your player Sprite in a seperate field and using your GroupSingle for stuff like collision detection/drawing/updating if you maintain a list of SpriteGroups for example to have your code look more uniformly:

# initialize
vehicle = Vehicle(70,470)

vehicle_group     = pygame.sprite.GroupSingle(vehicle) # make it clear there's only one vehicle (player) by using GroupSingle
wall_group        = pygame.sprite.Group(YourWallSpritesOrSomething)
other_stuff_group = pygame.sprite.Group(OtherStuffSprites)
all_groups        = (vehicle_group, wall_group, other_stuff_group)

# drawing eveything, including player, walls, and stuff...
for g in all_groups:

# updating eveything, including player, walls, and stuff...
for g in all_groups:

# test if 'somesprite' collides with anything, including player:
if any(spritecollideany(somesprite, g) for g in all_groups):

# test if player (vehicle) hits a wall:
if spritecollideany(vehicle, wall_group):

But if the Sprite in your GroupSingle never changes, a regular Group would also be fine, but a GroupSingle would nonetheless make the fact clearer that there's always a single vehicle.

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