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I asked a similar question to this yesterday and gained some knowhow but I'm a little confused:

If I have many quads that contain Vertices and Indices that are positioned to to form a bigger picture, then that bigger picture is positioned using world matrices...

How do I draw them all. From what I've gathered I've got to do in it in one pass for good speed.

I used to draw every quad with its own pass. Now every quad in an object is drawn in one pass.

But if I have a lot of objects it will slow down.

So my question is how does one go about drawing lots of seperate Vertices and Indices without losing frame rate. I don't need someone to hold my hand just maybe point in the right direction.

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Take a look at this tutorial: . It is about terrains but you should be able to figure out how to combine "quads" (xna doesn't have quads, it is just 2 triangles) in one draw call.

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