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Are there any game engines out there that support cryptography? Obviously when one creates a game engine in one of the more established languages, like C++ or Java, one can just get some cryptography libraries and use those. I'm mainly asking about engines that allow one to create games using mainly a scripting language like lua or javascript.

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Support cryptography for what? What do you want to have encrypted? – Nathan Reed Jan 12 '13 at 1:30
@NathanReed At the moment my list of requirements is sha256, secp256k1, ripemd160, as well as some private-public key encryption/decryption and commutative encryption/decryption. Mostly the encryption will done on a short strings of data to represent various parts of a card game. – ThePiachu Jan 12 '13 at 9:13

I'm assuming that the presence of crypto isn't the only thing that's part of your evaluation of game engines. My suggestion would be to start making a list of features you require (including crypto), and start whittling down the list of engines.

Additionally, what you want to do with it is a factor as well. If you just want to encrypt a local file, that's going to be pretty easy perhaps. If you want to encrypt data transmission between your client and a server, that's getting more complex. But at the same time client/server encryption is pretty common, including just using HTTPS.

Also note that a quick Google shows libraries do exist, including ones for JavaScript and Lua.

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