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Well I've finnaly decided to start Android game dev, and my first project will be simple 2d canvas based game. I have some experience in game developing with C# and XNA, and I'm a bit confused now. Back in XNA we have Game class with Initialize, Update and Draw methods.

In Android I have to extend SurfaceView class, run draw and update in their own thread, and receive touch input from user.

I'm looking for a proper way to structure my code.

Some of my questions are :

  • How to deal with Activities (Should I run everything in one activity, or split whole game in 2 or more) ?
  • Where should I run game loop ?
  • Where to put Draw and Update methods ?
  • How to respond to touch events ?

Hope I came to the right place for answers...

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I suggest you want to look at LibGDX. Just like XNA it's a library for games. It has a pretty big community and lots of documentations. – Sidar Jan 6 '13 at 4:20
Well, I'll give it a try sometime. – Nikola Ninkovic Jan 6 '13 at 10:13
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A minimal Breakout game, demonstrating the use of Activities, touch event handling, and draw/update with GLSurfaceView can be found here:

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