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I'm looking for information about how people implement autotiling in their tile-based games. So far I have always improvised it with a bunch of hardcoded "if ... else ..." statements, and now I decided that it is time to find some more elegant solution. I went searching on the Internet for examples of autotiling implementations and discussions on the topic, but I only came up with three articles:

(Especially the last one is comprehensive and very helpful.)

I have also looked at various implementations and documentation of libraries, that implement it, for example, flixel:

Sadly, all the solutions that I could find are exactly as improvised and haphazard, as what I started with, and almost never cover all the possible cases.

I'm looking for an elegant example of autotiling implementation that I could learn from.

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I've used A Bitwise Method For Applying Tilemaps and found it to be a very elegant solution. The article provides a concrete example and discusses how to extend the algorithm to handle multiple terrain types.

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This looks like the algorithm used by the flixel "AUTO" mode of autotiling. Thank you, I'm adding it to my list. –  Radomir Dopieralski Jan 2 '13 at 18:02

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