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I've built a sample game using pygame and wanted to mess around with packaging it up. I found cx_Freeze which seems to do the trick, except for when it comes to playing OGG files.

If I run the app manually, it works just fine. When I run the generated EXE the app hangs as soon as the OGG file should play. There are no tracebacks in the console, but I can pinpoint it down to the calls to the mixer.

The files are in the build directory so I know they are physically there.

Is there a package I'm missing that I need to tell cx_Freeze about? Everything else seems to work if I comment ou the mixer calls.

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Someone posted a similar problem to Stackoverflow, and found that you need to copy 3 DLLs across to get ogg files to play. stackoverflow.com/questions/15755921/… –  Thomas K Apr 3 '13 at 12:13

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