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I am using actionscript 3 and I have used an external actionscript file (.as) for my game.

I would like the external actionscript file to be played at frame 2 (instead of frame 1, as it is an introductory page of the game) on the timeline.

How do I do that? I have been trying and looking for answers for hours, appreciate if you can help on this. Many thanks in advance!

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I'm assuming you're using the Flash IDE?

If your file isn't an Actionscript class, just use the include statement. Eg. on frame 2, write:

include "";

If you're using classes, there's an option in the Actionscript-3 settings, where you can specify a frame where classes should be imported to. So if your class is MyClass, just call something like this on frame 2:

var myInstance = new MyClass();

Maybe you'll even want a combination of the above.. eg. export all classes to frame 2 and also include an initialization script on frame 2.

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thanks for ur reply! I have tried your second method, my file name is color_match so is it right that the code is var MyInstance = new color_match(); ? But I got an error msg: Error: Error #2136: The SWF file contains invalid data. at color_match/frame2() what should I do? Thanks. – Nail Dec 24 '12 at 5:56
@Nail How does your color_match file look like? Does it purely contain a class definition? Where is it located? Did you set the source-path in the actionscript properties? – bummzack Dec 26 '12 at 10:18

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