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as i told in previous question, i'm using SDL.NET (wrapper in C# of SDL). Unfortunately the API website is down so i'm trying to learn it by myself. I would like simply to print text on my screen / surface ... i don't know how to do!

My goal is to print variable status/values, to "debug" directly on the run and on the screen (in the lower corner for example). Can somebody help me ?

Thank you

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Ok, i found the solution on an example project:

SdlDotNet.Graphics.Font myfont = new SdlDotNet.Graphics.Font("arial.ttf",12);
Point dest = new Point(600,400);            
surfVar = myfont.Render("Values: ",Color.White);
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Heh, looks like we found it simultaneously :-) – coderanger Oct 18 '10 at 19:07
when you can, be sure to make this the accepted answer so it isn't incorrectly categorized as unanswered. – Tetrad Oct 18 '10 at 19:58 has an example of using Graphics.Font to render text to a surface (which is a wrapper for SDL_ttf I think). Basically you load a TTF font into a Font object and then use .Render on that to make a surface from a given string.

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