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My game require an animation when one activity finishes and next started because I have develop game with multiple activity not as multiple scene per game. I have to show animation at the time of activity creation and activity destroy. I have trying to create basic animation that was supported by android. And all that xml file I have to post it into the anim folder but the loading of resource was so much high so any type of animation I provide using android method does not work for me it look weird.

If scene class has some functionality for animation that please know me then I try to load different type of animation using scene. I have not create multiple scene because I have no awareness about how to manage multiple scene in andengine though I have a working experience of 8 months in andengine. So this help also provide me a great help.

Basically I want to create animation like one activity slide out at the same time the other activity slide in. So at a time user can see the transition of activity.

EDIT : Now I know how to manage multiple scene so only consider scene to answer my question.

I provide here a link that show scene animation what I want

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overridePendingTransition() doesn't work? – VinceFR Dec 20 '12 at 10:31