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Is it possible to have love.load(), love.draw() and love.update() in different files? and if so how would I go about doing that?

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It seems I misunderstood your question; you are not asking how to switch between different callbacks, you want to have them in different files.

The principle is the same:

load_module = require "main_load"
love.load = load_module.load

I've written a scene manager to do just that. I will open source it some day but to give you an idea here's how it is used:

-- main.lua
function love.load()
  scene_manager.add(require "scenes/foo")
  scene_manager.add(require "scenes/bar")

The change method looks like this:

  current_scene = scenes[scene_name]

Basically you need to iterate over the various methods (load, update as well as mousereleased for instance) and then do love[method_name] = nil.

Then in load_scene you need to set it love[method_name] = current_scene[method_name].

I know this is not a comprehensive answer but it should get you started. So, yes, it can be done.

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