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A hypothetical game called “AlienShooter” needs to be able to work on Windows and on the Xbox. In the Windows version, the keyboard will handle firing at alien spaceships, and this functionality is contained within a method called “KeyboardSupport()”. In the Xbox version of the game, the gamepad will be used for shooting, and this functionality is contained within a method called “GamepadSupport()”. Write the statement(s) that must be added so that the appropriate code is used in the each version of the game.

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Use the #if directive:

#elif XBOX

The following symbols are defined for use in cross-platform compilation: WINDOWS, XBOX or XBOX360 and WINDOWS_PHONE. See Cross-Platform Conditional Compilation Symbols for further information.

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@NikoDrašković I edited my answer to make it clearer. Thank you for your suggestion. – Asakeron Dec 9 '12 at 18:26

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