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I am making an open world 3d platformer in Ogre3D, and I have no idea on what kind of 3d map file format I should use for it.

I want to make low-polygon blocky-style objects. Probably rectangles and other geometrical figures that don't have circular edges. Some of those blocks will have properties, like climbable or they might move.

I was wondering what would be the best thing to do to make the map (just one level, as it is open).

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If you are using Ogre3D, a logical choice would be to use Blender for creating the map, and Blender2Ogre to export the map into a .scene file.

Then, in the code, you can use the DotSceneLoader class to import the .scene file into the game world. This will automatically attach each object to a scene node and you can access them as needed.

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