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How,can I disable coloring when texture is applied, because right now the texture is being colored over.

foreach (BasicEffect effect in mesh.Effects)
    effect.TextureEnabled = textureApplied;

        effect.Texture = Texture2D.FromStream(GraphicsDevice,System.IO.File.OpenRead(texturePath));
        effect.DiffuseColor = ti.DiffuseColor;
        effect.EmissiveColor = ti.EmissiveColor;

Also, is there any easy way for xna to export models? Or do I have to write my own?

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First, set the DiffuseColor and EmissiveColor to Color.White when textureApplied is true. And please cache the result of Texture2D.FromStream and don't call it every frame!

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Thanks, and I know, I just used it as a test :p – user1806687 Nov 26 '12 at 16:53

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