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I have a Beam ParticleSystem which looks like this:

Screenshot of ParticleSystem

I want to set the Target location when the effect plays, but I can't figure out how to do that from UnrealScript.

I've looked at the UDN page on it: link

But this doesn't seem to explain how to access the relevant info from script. I am currently able to get the effect to play, but I just can't set the endpoint.

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Turned out to be quite simple:

function PlayTeleportBeamSystem(Actor SourceActor, ParticleSystem PSystem, Vector Target, optional Vector Source = Vect(0, 0, 0))
    local ParticleSystemComponent PSysComponent;

    PSysComponent = new(SourceActor) class'ParticleSystemComponent';
        PSysComponent.SetBeamSourcePoint(0, Source, 0);
        PSysComponent.SetBeamSourcePoint(1, Source, 1);
    PSysComponent.SetBeamEndPoint(0, Target);
    PSysComponent.SetBeamEndPoint(1, Target);

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