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I was just wondering if it would be possible somehow to load locally saved web pages into a game. My primary use for them would be as menus, helping to navigate between rooms.

I know about the built in "Open URL" function but I want to know if the loaded page can interact with the actual game.

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I don't know what sort of dll binding and surface manipultation the newest Game Maker allows, but you could look at Awesomium. It works really well. – William Mariager Dec 8 '12 at 11:52

No. (Certainly not without external DLLs anyway.)

HTML is only a mark-up language — to actually see a page, you need an HTML renderer. Game Maker doesn't have one.

It would be possible to open a locally rendered web page in a browser and use local storage to save files to disk which you could then load from Game Maker, but that's a really long way around!

Consider making your own menus, using an existing menu system like this one or learning to make web-based games.

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