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I decided to add to my game few trees, I already quake 3 model loader (md3) its for characters and method for texture drawing is store in *.ini file. I found a package of trees in MD3 and I have no problem with loading model alone, but there is a *.shader file and i have no idea how to load it to draw texture properly.

Tree pack:

I do not have to use exactly this format, I can write another loader, but trees in *.obj or .3ds look even harder

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@EricB Quake 3 shader files are something else.. – Jari Komppa Nov 26 '12 at 6:40

The quake 3 "shader" is basically just a description of the rendering parameters, and has little or nothing to do with opengl shaders. Here's an example from your tree package:

    cull none

        map models/mapobjects/GR_trees/tree6.tga
        alphaFunc GE128
        rgbGen vertex

Many of the things listed there are pretty obvious - disable clipping, use tree6.tga as texture, have depth write enabled.. as for the rest, you might want to look up the reference:

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