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So my friend and I are working on an arcade-style game in Python and Pygame. We're beginning to look at the feasibility of an online leaderboard, given our current programming backgrounds. Such a leaderboard would have the following requirements/features;

  • The ability to search through demographics like region, country, platform, game mode, recentness ("best scores this month") and difficulty. (e.g. to make it possible for someone to say "I'm the best player in Italy!" or "I'm the best Linux player in South America!")
  • Our game will not have online multiplayer, so no need to worry about that.
  • We don't expect the game to be a million-dollar hit.
  • We want the scores to be accessible both from in-game and the website.
  • We would like some semblance of security to make sure no one plugs fake scores into the system.

This is our present situation;

  • Neither I nor my friend have any network programming background. All I really know is that sockets are low-level, HTTP is high-level.
  • I happen to know that the Google App Engine might be useful for something like this, and I'm really thinking about going with that.
  • We're not sure how we would store all the high score data.
  • Our game will be free and open source (though we might keep the components that submit the high scores closed-source).

Aside from all of this, we don't really have any idea where to begin. Any thoughts?

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This is not the place to ask "where to begin" questions. The are plenty of way to implement such thing in Python, your question is to broad. You may want to look for Twisted which is a high level networking framework in Python. Or you could easily to such a scoreboard using a simple database located on a server side and just send simple raw sockets from clients to add/update scores. – nathan Nov 18 '12 at 11:16
Twisted doesn't seem to work on Windows very well, so that's a no-go. – JesseTG Nov 18 '12 at 19:00

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My name is Almog I'm the founder and CEO of Scoreoid if anyone needs help with just let me know. -

About Scoreoid Scoreoid developed by game developers, for game developers is the ultimate gaming Backend-as-a-Service for game developers. We help game developers retain and engage with their players.

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I eventually came across, which is totally free! Since it works via HTTP requests, it'll work on any programming language and any operating system.

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