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If there is a need to create about 40 sets of UV coordinates for 40 different images. The sets can have 4 to ~16 UV points. Is there some way to make this easier?

A tool similar to Inkscape would be cool: to have bitmap, and vector polygon on it, stored in specific format – PLUS a plugin, to export the polygon as UV 0.0..1.0 coordinates..

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You could probably use a general 3D modeling tool such as Blender. Create a 1x1 square with a corner at the origin, apply your texture to it, and set the tool to a top-down orthographic view. Then use the regular modeling tools to make the polygon. When exported, the polygon's coordinates can be used as the UVs. – Nathan Reed Nov 17 '12 at 0:55
@NathanReed: I've done all steps. However, drawing a polygon is difficult with Blender? It is not as easy as in Inkscape, apparently I would need to learn how to model a polygon, not how to draw it.. – Drenet Nov 17 '12 at 15:08