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I'm teaching myself andengine while trying to make a match-3 puzzle, so far I have a grid of gems that I populate and can move then around. Matching gems and new gems falling is working already. My problem is that the game keeps flowing while animations runs. How can I make the flow suspend until movement is done?

I use entity modifiers for the gems animations. MoveYModifier for the fall and PathModifier for the swap.

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You could override the entity modifier and execute some code at the beginning of the modification and on its end

MoveYModifier yourModifier = new MoveYModifier(3, 0, 10)
        protected void onModifierStarted(IEntity pItem)
                // Your action after starting modifier

        protected void onModifierFinished(IEntity pItem)
                // Your action after finishing modifier

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That's exactly what I did, you are kinda late =P. I even forgot about this question. Nonetheless, your anwser is correct, thanks for posting. – petervaz Nov 26 '12 at 21:18

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