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I am new in game programming. I am trying to draw wall like in example. EXAMPLE

I am not getting how will i do this. Is any matrix logic i have to implement or i have to use full image.

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What part do you not understand? What have you tried, and are you getting any errors? I can see you are asking "Do I need matrix logic or an image", but you need to tell us how you plan to use it. If it is just an image and doesn't need to interact with the world then you would need a completely different answer. –  kurtzbot Nov 5 '12 at 18:31

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You need to back up a long way before doing this.

gdx isn't the simplest engine to start out with, perhaps try your hand with andEngine first (google will help you find it). It sacrifices performance and flexibility for developer simplicity, and will get you going sooner.

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hey i'm not the programmer in our team, but you can certainly do both! me and a friend of mine are currently developing a litte 2D side scroller and there we used full images and not tiled maps (at least that's what i think you meant with matrix)!

but keep in mind these full graphics eat up your resources like crazy! a few days ago i also saw that someone posted a level editor for libgdx, maybe that's also worth to check out!

if you like to learn more about libgdx look at the forum on badlogicgames.com, it's cool cause you can post your own stuff there and get feedback for your games!

cheers sebastian, xsheetgames

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Use full sized raster graphics is probably not a great idea; you can't store metadeta and the levels are very flat. Not to mention, you can't render foilage over top of a player without another layer... tilesheets are preferred with tilemaps. –  Vaughan Hilts Nov 5 '12 at 23:20

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