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We don't have zune HD in Canada (yet) just wondering if it has the same programmable features as WP7? Like gestures and accelerometer.

Basically if I am just making a game, with screen controls (thumbsticks on the screen) is this an easy port to zune?


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I'm not as familiar with the WP7 API as I should be but I've done some Zune XNA programming and you have access to the touchscreen and accelerometer fairly straightforwardly. I can safely assume a port between the two would be relatively painless.

You get a list of TouchLocations from XInput and you can do what you will with them. Each touch has an ID that allows you to identify drags/swipes.

The Accelerometer just gives you a 3D vector showing the current acceleration (with 0,-1,0 being the norm due to gravity). This tutorial gives a good example of using the Zune's interface.

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thank you, I basically want to prototype a game without actually using the WP7 (can't get my hands on it where I live, but I could get a zune HD) – Spooks Oct 1 '10 at 18:46
But ZuneHD and WP7 are not the same like iPhone and iPod Touch are. ZuneHD's APIs are a subset of XNA 3. XNA 4 is used for programming WP7 and XNA 4 doesn't even support Zune programming any more. Probably in the future they'll release a Zune that runs the same software as WP7, but right now I wouldn't touch the thing. – U62 Oct 1 '10 at 21:17

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