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I have written some simple apps following the tutorials on http://learningwebgl.com. What is the simplest way to load and display Collada model files, particularly the files available from Google 3D Warehouse?

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Take a look at this example, it's an example of loading spore collada files:


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The link is broken. –  doug65536 Dec 8 '13 at 9:49
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Have a look at the opencollada site.

The SDK is licensed under MIT license and should get you a good start.

If you are planning to make a game (and not just a viewer app), you should run the converter offline (during the build) and load your optimized model format during runtime.

Parsing collada is inefficient and shipping collada files is just wasted space.

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This may also be of use: code.google.com/p/o3d/wiki/ColladaConverter –  Sean James Jul 19 '10 at 9:36
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GLGE supports viewing Collada. However, I would suggest converting to JSON offline and using that instead.

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How would one go about doing that? –  sgrif Jan 11 at 16:39
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