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I am writing a rogue-like 'zombie' management game. The game map will be similar to Prison Architect. A top-down 50 X 50 grid.

I want to implemented a day night cycle and during the night I would like the player to be able to position lights.

I would like to be able to lighten and dark to whole map to display the day and night cycle.

Then lights would be a circle of light blocked by game entities such as walls, players, trees etc.

How would I achieve and what is the standard way of achieving this?

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Sorry for posting a collection of links but your problem has many possible solutions! :)

Various gridbased lighting algorithms traditionally used by roguelikes:

A solution I developed to support partial occlusion of grid cells:

Rather complicated pixel-perfect approach that calculates the Field of View as a Polygon:

A game I wrote a while ago using a similar math based approach:

Projecting each face outwards, kinda what Carmack did in Doom3 but in 2d space. Causes a lot of overdraw which doesn't matter so much if you have access to hardware acceleration.

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Byte56 is right we should include answers in the posts for future readers but that is the reading i need thank you lithander. – LoveofSnow Oct 23 '12 at 18:08

there is also a link at teh bottom of the comments to an 'improved' version of this

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Typically, answers with just a link are not very good. If the link were to go down, this answer would be useless. Creating a summary of the process here would make a much better answer. – Byte56 Oct 23 '12 at 16:22

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