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I have a simple WebGL canvas, where I'm attempting to render a texture on a square. When working with textures as local files, all is fine. But when I try to load a texture from the web, I get a black canvas.

Please see this fiddle for a demo. I have made the shaders and JavaScript very simple.

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I don't know if it matters (it can'be judged by the fiddle), but make sure that the loading of your texture complies to the cross-domain access rules: – Neenster Oct 12 '12 at 13:13
Yes, I've made sure to use Picasa (which does CORS) and to have the line image.crossOrigin = 'anonymous'; to indicate that I'm using CORS. – Randomblue Oct 12 '12 at 13:25
There's no actual question here. You're far more likely to get results (and not have your post closed) if you ask a concrete question and place the relevant source or examples in the question itself, and not link to them externally. – Josh Petrie Oct 17 '12 at 16:26
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You need to set the texture parameters for non-power of 2 textures. Adding these 2 lines fixed the issue

    gl.texParameteri(gl.TEXTURE_2D, gl.TEXTURE_WRAP_S, gl.CLAMP_TO_EDGE);
    gl.texParameteri(gl.TEXTURE_2D, gl.TEXTURE_WRAP_T, gl.CLAMP_TO_EDGE);
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