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We have broken down our game development process to

  • UI Programming
  • Core Game Programming
  • Particle Effect Programming

UI will be created by a group of programmers and those UI will be used at Core Game Programming.

For example, at web applications, there are several template engine available, for example Smarty.

  • Is there any Template engine for UI for Game Development
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I don't think there's such a thing as a "Game UI Tempalte-Only Engine". Really your best bet for getting IOS and Android dev in one go + out of the box UI widgets (such as text , buttons, etc) is Unity. I find it a lot easier than the run of the mill "Open GL Text libraries" and such:

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I honestly don't know what you mean by "Template engine for UI for Game Development" but I think CocosBuilder + cocos2d-x/cocos2d-JavaScript bindings is a free yet capable alternative for cross platform game GUI development. It is trivial to make menus, text, backgrounds, menu animations... etc with CocosBuilder.

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