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I want to write a shader/filer probably in adobe Pixel Bender that will do the best job possible in emulating the fill of an oldskul monochromatic arcade CRT screen. Much like this here:

Here are some attributes I know will exist in this filter:

  1. It will take in a low res image 160 x 120 and return a medium res image 640 x 480.
  2. It will add scanlines
  3. It will blur the color channels to create that color bleeding effect
  4. It will distort the shape of the image from a perfect rectangle into a rounder shape.

The question is, could you please provide any other attributes that are beneficial to emulating an arcade CRT feel and links and resources on coding these effects.


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This is a bit too broad question. You're asking for ideas, not a specific answer. That said, other features might include temporal blur (images not updating fast enough), ghosting, scanline timing issues, saturation errors, etc etc ad nauseum. – Jari Komppa Sep 28 '12 at 10:56
The specified behaviors attributed to Arcade CRT in your comment, are in fact an answer, I'm looking for a list as thorough as possible of behaviors of a CRT display, an idea is something creative that a person spontaneously comes up with. I am looking for data that actually describes the behavior of CRT and samples of implementation of filters that emulate this. If you metaphorically look at CRT as HW implementation of a function that receives an array of images as input and outputs an array of slightly distorted images, I am looking to approximate the results of that function in software. – zehelvion Sep 28 '12 at 13:40
That being said, I will gladly accept your comment as an answer if you could add more details, links and perhaps some hints on implementation. – zehelvion Sep 28 '12 at 13:41

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