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I have downloaded the add-on blender2ogre from this source :

And I have created a simple mesh, with walking animation (similar to the gingerbreadman tutorial). My question is, whenever I want to export the project, I can only see the .scene export format. There is no option whatsoever to export as .mesh and .skeleton. Also, how can I export the walking animation separately, in other words, if my project have couple more animation, how can i separate those during export?

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Maybe this thread on the OGRE Forum will help you:

[...] If you want to export more than one animation and give them names you need to convert your actions to nla strips:

go to the nla-editor, choose an action and hit the 'snowflake'-button next to it. this will create an nla-strip based on the action. Note that blender will create a new nla-track for each new nla-strip. you can keep the strips in different tracks or move them into one and delete the others.

The exporter will export every nla-strip as an animation and give the animation the strip's name. One thing to pay attention to is, that nla-strips that are overlapping on the time-line will influence each other when exporting. The newest version of the exporter has an option to disable this influence. [...]

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