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I use below code to create my particles ( in fact, I don't know any other way.)

spawnedParticleComponents = WorldInfo.MyEmitterPool.SpawnEmitter(ParticleSystem'ParticleName', Location, Rotator );

And unfortunately, I spawn many particles in game.

When I play my game, after some time, I see Exceeded max active pooled emitters! Warning in console .

To solve the problem, first, I tried spawnedParticleComponents.DeactivateSystem();, But it doesn't help. Then I try WorldInfo.MyEmitterPool.ClearPoolComponents(false);, But it doesn't either . :(

How can I destroy many spawned particles and avoid this warning ?

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I found a problem. I noticed `DeactivateSystem()' doesn't deactive my particleSystemComponent ! – Emadpres Sep 16 '12 at 14:03

I solve it!

Just do as below when you don't need a ParticleSystemComponent anymore .

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