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I got a couple of questions about game trademarks.

  • When should I submit a trademark for my game if I see that this is a serious project?
  • Where do I submit a trademark request? Does it have to be local (In my country)?
  • What do I need to be ready to submit a trademark request?


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The answer to your 3 questions is subject to the laws that are applied in your country, also a trademark is a different concept if compared to a registered IP or a registered copyright, and there are also other possible options.

Each country has its own law and usually its own patent office, also do not assume that a registered IP is protected worldwide, this is a political issue and can also affect your distribution strategy.

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Note: 'IP' (or even 'intellectual property') isn't a legal term; instead, it's a blanket term for copyrighted or trademarked content (and the marks and such under which it's protected). There's no such thing as a 'registered IP' per se. – Steven Stadnicki Sep 5 '12 at 22:59
@StevenStadnicki yes, but is also one of the few terms that you can use worldwide and be sure that at least other people are getting what you are talking about. You always have to refer to the patent office for the complete list of IP solutions – user827992 Sep 5 '12 at 23:07

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