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Are there any web-based interactive fiction engine that allow you to script a game and have it run from a website?

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Inform and TADS are the weapons of choice for most experienced IF authors. Quest seems to be catching up in terms of functionality. ChoiceScript is perfect for simple choice-based games, but hard to extend beyond that. Undum (and its popular extension Vorple) is based on JavaScript and probably offers the easiest way to get your game into a browser. It creates nice-looking stories and can be extended quite easily. (I once implemented a World of Darkness RPG system on top of it.)

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I would never recommend ChoiceScript today, I feel like Twine covers exactly the same design/usability space but is entirely superior. Otherwise a good list. – user744 Sep 3 '12 at 18:31
If anyone's wavering over going to either Inform or TADS, I would strongly suggest Inform. Take a look at how the games are set up in Parchment - it's as simple as adding the URL where the gamefile (.z5/.z8) is hosted to Parchment's own URL. I don't know how the whole thing looks on a mobile device, but I haven't seen anything that beats that simplicity of making a game "go online." – Isxek Jun 29 '13 at 3:31
To be clear, TADS 3 has something in the works that will allow authors to get their games playable on the web, but from what I've seen in the forums, it involves a bit of setup. If you're good with that, you can go with TADS 3 if you want to. – Isxek Jun 29 '13 at 3:34

One system that I've used, and it comes to my mind recently as someone wrote a game using it for the last Ludum Dare, is Twine. Quite easy to use, and gives a fun view of how your web pages connect! Easy deployment as well, it will make html files and you just put them up on your website!

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I made a text adventure engine myself because I wanted something very minimal and that didn't require hosting.

It's called gist-txt.

It's very easy to use: you just need to create a new GitHub Gist with at least an index.markdown file in it. Then go to the URL<your-gist-id> to play your text adventure.

You can see an example text adventure at

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