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I have implemented a basic Isometric tile engine that can be explored by dragging the map with the mouse. Please see the fiddle below and drag away:

The code broken down is (CoffeeScript):

The draw function

draw = ->
  requestAnimFrame draw
  canvas.width = canvas.width

  for row in [0..width]
    for col in [0..height]
      xpos = (row - col) * tileHeight + width
      xpos += (canvas.width / 2) - (tileWidth / 2) + scrollPosition.x
      ypos = (row + col) * (tileHeight / 2) + height + scrollPosition.y
      context.drawImage(defaultTile, Math.round(xpos), Math.round(ypos), tileWidth, tileHeight)

Mouse drag-scrolling control

scrollPosition =
  x: 0
  y: 0

dragHelper = 
  active: false
  x: 0
  y: 0

window.addEventListener 'mousedown', (e) =>
, false

window.addEventListener 'mousemove', (e) =>
, false

window.addEventListener 'mouseup', (e) =>
, false

handleDrag = (e) =>
    x = e.clientX
    y = e.clientY
    scrollPosition.x -= Math.round((dragHelper.x - x) / 28)
    scrollPosition.y -= Math.round((dragHelper.y - y) / 28)

handleMouseUp = (e) =>
  e.preventDefault() = false

handleMouseDown = (e) =>
  x = e.clientX
  y = e.clientY = true
  dragHelper.x = x
  dragHelper.y = y

The Problem

As you can see from the fiddle the dragging action is ok but not perfect. How would I change the code to make the dragging action more smooth? What I would like is the point of the map you click on to stay under the mouse point whilst you drag; the same as they have done here:

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To move smoother, change

scrollPosition.x -= Math.round((dragHelper.x - x) / 28)
scrollPosition.y -= Math.round((dragHelper.y - y) / 28)


scrollPosition.x = Math.round((x - dragHelper.x))
scrollPosition.y = Math.round((y - dragHelper.y))

To prevent jumping when first clicking on it, change

 dragHelper.x = x
 dragHelper.y = y


 dragHelper.x = x - scrollPosition.x  
 dragHelper.y = y - scrollPosition.y

And you should be fine.

Not sure why the / 28, did you want it snap to grid?

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Very good, works perfectly. Thank you very much :) The / 28 was to reduce the speed of the grid movement. If only I had > 15 rep then I could up arrow you. Somebody up arrow user18474's answer :p – Jamie Fearon Aug 30 '12 at 20:31
Upped the Q. Now you can thank him yourself. – Bloodyaugust Aug 30 '12 at 23:08
Thanks Bloodyaugust. – Jamie Fearon Aug 31 '12 at 8:05

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