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The MSDN is really confusing about this, with all their different versions of XNA jumbled together for my google results. All I want to do is find out, in XNA 4.0, what antialiasing modes are supported by the display adapter. Supposedly, this involves calling GraphicsAdapter.CheckDeviceMultiSampleType(), but that function isn't defined. What should I be using in its place?

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That method was removed in XNA4 since it was no longer needed since we now have the reach and hi-def profiles. You can now just prefer multisampling or not and the framework will set an appropriate MultiSampleCount if possible. You can still set this value yourself here but setting it too high won't cause an error.

In XNA Game Studio 3.1, use GraphicsAdapter.CheckDeviceMultiSampleType to query the hardware for multisample support. In XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh, set the PreferMultiSampling property on the GraphicsDeviceManager class to true to enable multisampling for the back buffer. This will be ignored if the hardware does not support multisampling.

Btw if you have problems with MSDN. In the top left of the current article you're viewing you can select the proper version (if available).

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Okay, that makes sense now. It was that clear to me that it was unnecessary to check for different types. – Fibericon Aug 19 '12 at 15:21

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