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I am new to AndEngine. I have seen some physics examples from AndEngine Example package. I want to know the role of density, elasticity, friction and gravity while implementing physics. How they effect a physical object in andengine? I know its very basic example but I want to start andengine from very basics. Can anybody make these concepts clear to me?

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AndEngine uses Box2D. You can find more information simply by seeing the manual, which includes explanations for the concepts you're asking, here. Specifically, 6.2 :)

For examples, if you feel confortable with javascript, I would suggest you to go here, a website with a lot of working examples of a Javascript port of Box2D (I believe that the names of the classes are the same).

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@fableal, please don't edit my posts with your own words. Instead, add it as a comment. :) – Vaughan Hilts Sep 22 '12 at 19:19

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