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Best place for learning how to write games in Unity3d

HI All,

I am just a new candidate who is going to work upon the unity 3d game engine so Guys i need some help to get some good tutorials where i can learn the moving characters , effects, and creating the surroundings .Is there i can get some links or pdf by whcih i can learn unity in a little time.

Thanks !!!

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If you already know basic programming, go there: http://unity3dstudent.com/

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hey xeon i have worked with the iphone/ipad programming but never worked on the any game engine .So need help from person like you . Thanks.. –  balraj Aug 31 '10 at 10:47
You need help from a person like yourself, to show initiative and learn what you need to learn. –  drxzcl Aug 31 '10 at 11:36
answers.unity3d.com is a specific forum for Unity3D developers. –  BerggreenDK Nov 20 '10 at 2:34

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