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I'm working on an iOS/Android project in Unity3D. We're seeing some incredibly long times for generating substances between testing runs. We can run the game, but once we shut down the playback, Unity begins to re-import all off the substances built using Substance Designer. As we've got a lot of these in our game, it's starting to lead to 5 minute delays between testing runs just to test a small change.

Any suggestions or parameters we should check that could possibly prevent Unity from needing to regenerate these substances every time? Shouldn't it be caching these things somewhere?

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The substances by nature are generated at runtime. I have noticed a bit of lag sometimes myself, but from what I've noticed its only in the editor. A few tips to alleviate this check your substances you probably have a few that have some inefficient runtimes that is causing a bottleneck. Also if their are any that that you are not never generating variations of you don't need to have external seeds and can use a static number for in the substance itself.

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