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Is there a tool that can convert a fragment shader from hlsl to glsl or glsl to hlsl? I do not want to use cg since it is not able to work on mobile platforms.

Is there a tool that can make it so I only write a shader once?


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I can't vouch for either one, but there is a utility available here for going from HLSL to GLSL:

and here for going the other direction:

The first one is explained more here:

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Shiny is a new library that aims to make material management and portable shader writing easy. This is achieved mostly with a preprocessor meta language, that can output any of CG, HLSL or GLSL. It is currently geared towards usage with Ogre graphics engine, but that part is abstracted into a separate component, so it shouldn't be hard to plug in any other engine. The library has been / is being integrated into OpenMV and Stunt Rally (disclaimer: I'm a member of the latter).

There is a lengthy introduction here.

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There's the tool MojoShader which accomplishes what you want:

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