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Has anyone come across a software package that allows you to build animations in a similar way to how you can in Flash (i.e. using techniques such as tweens & bones & easings, etc) and then have the result exported as a sprite sheet?

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You can use Flash, a 3D Tool or even Photoshops animation feature. Then render the frames to images and combine them to a sprite-sheet.

ImageMagick has a great tool for that purpose called montage. Here's a blog post explaining how to use it to create a sprite sheet.

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Is there anything ImageMagick can't do? :) – Casey Wagner Jul 15 '10 at 22:25
I haven't gotten it to make me coffee in the morning yet... – Kromey Apr 8 '11 at 20:31

While those techniques work well for vector graphics, they don't translate well to pixel art. Sprites don't tend to handle rotation or scaling without distortion, so hand editing is essential.

Two products worth looking into for spriting are Cosmigo's ProMotion and GraphicsGale. Onion skinning and other features are available. But if you want clean pixel art, automation isn't going to do the job.

edit: Okay, my brain is tired. A cup of coffee later and I realize what you're looking for. You could try out SynFig, which looks like it might be adaptable to your needs :)

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The way we make our animated sprites is by rendering out frames from a 3D modeling program.

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I use Gamedev Animation Studio for create animation. It can export animated images into C# classes which i instantly include into my project

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ToonBoom studio is a flash like animation tool and can export sprite sheets.

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I've been using Texture Packer to create sprites for my iPhone game. It's similar to Zwoptex but has a free version. I'm porting a game originally developed in Flash, so I'm simply exporting each frame of the MovieClip to png and then importing those images in Texture Packer.

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Use gimp and its plugin called sprite sheet

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Some links and more detailed description would make this a better answer. – Byte56 Apr 25 '12 at 20:59

I'm pretty Sure you can use Flash and go file > export movie> png sequence. Then combine the pngs using Photoshop to make your sprite sheet. Also check out the animation features of fireworks.

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