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If I want an editor that accepts "points" of a minimum of three (a triangle) and I just add some points first, like this:

enter image description here

how can I mathematically connect these corners (points) into an object of multiple triangles? so amount of triangles looks like something like this, by connecting nearest point:

enter image description here

and then later render this and also being able to define what it is and check for collisions on this ground, so I can create more than Rectangle based "bricks" on a Platformer for example. Also being able to texturize the whole object without it looking ugly.

Any ideas? Or what is this called in game programming?

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What you are describing looks to me like a triangle strip. Riemer has a tutorial for creating these in an efficient manner. So if user adds a point you just add one along the bottom of the shape and then create the triangles using the points in a clockwise manner, but the tutorial covers this quite well.

EDIT: For collision detection between points you can linearly interpolate between them and check the height value of your object and the interpolated points.

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@Deukalion Did this solve the problem? If not, just leave a comment on what is needed for this to be a solution and I'll see if I can help... – Mikael Högström Aug 6 '12 at 9:49

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