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Games tend to have easy to understand instructions/menus/tutorials and so on, so I was wondering whether...

Are there multilingual data bases, built-in with the most common phrases used in games?

For instance Start, Resume, Play, Pause, Edit Profile, Awards, etc.

Any info is appreciated.

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Its not game specific, but see:

Basically the answers there boil down to:

All that said, I suspect there are some 'gamey' translations of some phrases that warrant a game-specific resource. Hopefully someone else has those details.

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certainly, "gamey" translations, shouldn't be too difficult, that could be the reason why there aren't any databases on the net to be used, I think I can build mine using resources like those you listed, and some multilingual games I've found, that have the kind of content I am planning to have – rraallvv Jul 20 '12 at 18:37

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