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How do I programatically extract tiles from a tileset such as this one:

I want to use these tiles in my game. I see that some tiles here are of different sizes (or maybe all tiles are a multiple of some fixed size). For example, if I want to use one of the tree tiles in my program, how can I figure out what offset into the tileset image I must use, and how big of a sub-image i must extract? I don't see any metadata associated with any of these tilesets that I can use.


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You generally need some text file or other metadata to describe the contents of a texture atlas like this.

I suspect you went here: to get this URL? (That would've been handy in your OP.)

If so, you must've missed this note:

To use the tile set in Tiled v0.8, get the necessary files from the Flare git repo.

The git repo is:

Its got one .txt several .tmx files. The .tmx files seem to describe the location of specific items in the atlases.

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Yeah I missed that. Thanks a bunch! – Mayank Jul 19 '12 at 17:42

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