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I'm looking for a simple way to display minutes, seconds and milli seconds for timing the elapsed time in a game. Do I have to do the calculation myself with gameTime and display a variable for each part like a variable for minutes, secounds and milli seconds? Preciates some help! Thanks!

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Yes I think that you can do that with TotalTimeElapsed (I think that is the name of the attribute). That value might have a subvalue that holds the entire time value (hh:mm:ss) or you can define 3 or 4 string variables and then pass values of hours, minutes and seconds like you said. – NDraskovic Jul 16 '12 at 6:54
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You can already get all these three from GameTime: gameTime.TotalGameTime offers Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds for units to measure how long the game has been going for.

int milliseconds = gameTime.TotalGameTime.Milliseconds;
int seconds = gameTime.TotalGameTime.Seconds;

If you just want the time since the last update, use gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.

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