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In my cocos2d app I was wondering how to make a CCSprite move on the screen but have the screen focused on the CCSprite, so when the sprite moves the view moves with the CCSprite. Is there a tutorial to do this?


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There's a CCFollow action in cocos2d for this purpose. Usage is simple:

[myLayer runAction: [CCFollow actionWithTarget: heroSprite]];

For more information, have a look at the API docs.

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For making such games you need to create some layers and then move the layers. Just like in a 2D side scrolling game the background layer moves(or changes) and only the y coordinate of the character is changed so that the character appears to be moving.

For such game you can refer to this post ---

and to find additional codes for the same you can check out the code snippet and the end of this page.

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If, for some reason, you wanted to manually make a camera system, the way to do it would be to set a camera x and y based on the position of the sprite you're trying to follow, and then draw everything at its normal position minus the camera x and y values.

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