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Is it possible to create an isometric view of the game without the use of tiles Looking at this forum and stackoverflow.com and gamedev.stackexchange.com. (I work with Corona SDK and could not find a friendly solution for isometric maps for. Simple solution, I mean.)

My goal - the creation of such a kind as in the picture KRu.jpg

Do you think the game is made with tiles or not? the only solution is to use the tiles for these games?

Problem that I do not understand: – Overlapping objects that are farther – Change overlapping sprite when it moves around the map. When an object moves, some of its facilities will be closed, others are not. What is the logic of such a task? – The logic of the movement of objects along a path with no tiles

Do not really want to reinvent itself that must have already decided.

If the tiles can not be avoided, I ask once again to leave links to materials that will solve the problem of isometry in the Corona SDK.

Sorry for my english. I'm illiterate monster.


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These are 100% tiles/sprites or whatever. Noone draws that kind of detail with code.

Also it is not isometric, this is isometric: enter image description here

The grid in your example seems to be a simple top-down square grid. Here is another example of a 2D top down square grid: enter image description here

Do you see the difference?

Here is a great tutorial series to creating a game in that style: http://that-guy.net/articles/page3/ Start from page 3 and move through them one by one.

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Thanks! It's really is not isometric. –  roma86 Jul 15 '12 at 10:10
What game/tutorial/whatever is shown in that isometric view? :O –  joltmode Jul 17 '12 at 13:29
Good isometric tutorials are difficult to find, I had to learn pieces here and there to be able to make it. But google isometric tutorials, should find some. –  hustlerinc Jul 17 '12 at 20:48

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