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I'm developing scenario in vbs2 vtk. In my scenario I need to use dialog mode for satisfying some requirements. I've successfully created dialog and I need movement in the dialog so that is also done. Now the problem is if player get shot by terrorist in the scenario then player body reacts to that impact. This causes player head in the sky(upward) direction or the ground(downwards) direction. From this position player cannot look up or down. So I need to close the dialog and reset player position and start dialog again. Is there any way to enable "look up/down" in the dialog mode?? Any help or reference link would be helpful.

Thanks in advance...

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Never heard about VBS2 VTK (googled it now), maybe you have more luck asking VBS2 development team directly? They sure will support their customers. – Kromster Aug 28 '12 at 18:18

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