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I use this in the beginning of the class:

SoundEffect bangSound;

And then in the constructor I use this code:

bangSound = Content.Load<SoundEffect>("Sounds/bang");

But I get a red line under the Content, and I can't understand what is wrong? Help is preciated! Thanks!

EDIT: I solved it like this:

public Asteroid(ContentManager content, string textureName, Vector2 position)

With content I can then load the sound like this:

    public void LoadContentAudio(ContentManager content)
        bangSound = content.Load<SoundEffect>("Sounds/bang");
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Does that class know something about Content class? Is it member of that class? In "default" Content is member of Game object. – zacharmarz Jul 11 '12 at 16:35

I think you should load your content in the LoadContent() method. If you don't have this method in your derived game class, create a method that looks like this:

public override void LoadContent()
    bangSound = Content.Load<SoundEffect>("Sounds/bang");
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Note that your class will need to derive from one of the XNA classes (GameObject or somesuch). Otherwise as John said above, you'll get errors.

If you simply created a class and added the XNA using statements, that isn't enough, it won't know about the static Content object.

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