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I am going to use Cocos2d-x to make a game for Android and ios, but my question is, do I use the Lua integration or only c++, I see Lua useful here because the compilation thing.

Or do I use only Lua for the configuration, save data and things in runtime?

I don´t know if using Lua for the whole game is the right thing :/

Can anyone help me with this question and why use it or not?


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This is a "which technology" question (as well as being extremely broad) and is consequently off-topic for this site. See the FAQ for more. – Josh Petrie Jul 12 '12 at 16:12

You would use both. Lua can be used for:

  • Exporting code to a mobile device
  • Making a UI (You should try first make an addon for a MMORPG if you want to get a better idea how you can use Lua)

C++ is the core code of the videogame, so maybe you can program a game without Lua but it might help you to do better UI for your games

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