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I am making game and need to prepare view for level selection. Could you recommend me some opensource library which could I use? I need icons to vibrate after long pressing one of them, some callbacks after choosing them, possibility to prepare custom icon's view, page control and horizontal scrolling. I was trying to use OpenSpringBoard but weirdly couldn't see scrollview and pagecontrol working in this project - it seems that there's possibility to use only one page. On the other hand, myLauncher( isn't so easy to include in project, as I need a seperate view with some delegate methods.

I need to be compatible with >iOS 4.2

enter image description here

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I you are making a game you really should use some graphic engine like cocos-2d (which uses opengl for rendering) and not using standard iOs views.

Here an example the angry bird menu done with cocos-2d :

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