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I know that it's possible to change the resolution (I mean the rings and the segments) of a UVSphere by pressing [F6] and changing some arguments.

But what if I add a UVSphere to my canvas at first, then I do something else in the meantime and not till then I want to change the resultion of the UVSphere which I added before. Is that possible? Thanks.

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Just wondering, why you need that? – Luke B. Aug 4 '12 at 17:02

The simplest thing would be to remove it and add a new UV sphere. Once the sphere has been placed, the options for changing it's attributes is gone. The only option I know of is to add a subdivide surface modifier to your sphere. That will subdivide all the quads, but it essentially only allows you to double your rings and segments, not increase them separately or by a factor less than 2. So to easily replace an existing UV sphere, you can do the following:

  1. Select the UV sphere you want
  2. Press Shift+S and select Cursor to Selected
  3. Press X and confirm delete
  4. Press Shift+A and select Mesh->UVSphere
  5. Choose your arguments
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